Step By Step Curriculum Activities

CBSE School in Udaipur

At Step By Step School, we have tried to design our curriculum that has a balance of formal and informal education which enhances the all-round development of our steppites. The accent is on a process of "Learning By Doing". The learning process is aimed at physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Steppites are encouraged to participate in group activities and discussions.
Every child has a right to education. It is the duty of every adult to educate the child, but no child needs to be burdened. Let him learn while he plays, and play while he learns.
The school teachers are approachable and always available for additional guidance. Steppites and parents are encouraged to contact our staff for additional help and study materials. We strongly discourage tuitions or special coaching as it interrupts our educational approach making the steppites less receptive in class. Step By Step High School runs classes from Playgroup to Class 8 and is to be upgraded to 10 +2. It is a new age institution that focuses on a skills-based, student-centred, inquiry-oriented, personalized model of learning as opposed to the traditional content-based, teacher-centred, examination-oriented one-size-fits-all model of teaching.

Curriculum Activities

  • Enquiry - keenness to know
  • Adaptability - cope with different situations
  • Resilience - staying in there
  • Morality - sense of Right and Wrong, Good and Bad
  • Communication - expression, sensing things and emotional intelligence
  • Thoughtfulness - willingness to think
  • Co-operation - getting along with others
  • Respect - awareness about others and respecting them
CBSE School in Udaipur

Step by Step

Our Academic Calendar

Daily School Timings

The school starts with a brief assembly every day presented by children.

In Summer:

April-May - 7.40 am - 1.15 pm.
July-Diwali Vacation- 7:40 am - 2:00 pm

In Winter:

8:40 am - 2.30 pm.
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