Co-Scholastic Activities

Schools in Hiran Magri


Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly is a time for communion with God. It is a time when scholars & mentors come together to start the day. Prayers, School pledge, interesting facts, creative pieces, thought for the day, devotional songs, story presentation, skit play, choral singing, birthday celebration & moment of silence comprise the assembly which ends on a patriotic note with the singing of the National Anthem.


In the pursuit of academic success, children sometimes need a break from the classroom and an opportunity to release pent-up energy. While academic success is no small feat, students who participate in at least one extracurricular physical activity are proven to reap more benefits than those who do not exercise regularly.

Our School offers a wide array of games for children to take special interest in. Football, Cricket, Basketball, Skating, Kho-Kho& Handball comprise the Outdoor Games’ corridor while Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton & Carom are part of the Indoor Games’ section.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts play a hugely significant role in helping children to develop their creative skills.While Performing Arts allow children to develop creative passions, they simultaneously teach children language and communication skills, helping them to communicate effectively with others with confidence.

Performing Arts are all about self expression, exploring alternative options and embracing individuality. It’s not black and white, or about right or wrong answers, and this allows children to develop self confidence and belief in themselves. With improved self confidence and self belief, comes a natural pathway for children to go on to master many more skills that will equip them for life.

Visual Arts

Students become visual artists when education, practice, and awareness of historical and contemporary context enable them to think critically and imaginatively, and to express those ideas with skill and conviction. Visual Art is often taught through drawing, an empirical activity which involves seeing, interpreting and discovering appropriate marks to reproduce an observed phenomenon. Our students enthusiastically participate in various forms of art 7 craft pursued in the institution.

Yoga & Aerobics

Our students actively participate in various yoga related competitions and regularly triumph in the inter school contests organized across various schools in Udaipur.

Martial Arts

Karate is yet another field where the students show their complete enthusiasm.


Tours & Excursions are a perfect way to expand one’s knowledge & horizon. We organize regular excursions & trips to promote learning through outdoor interactions & experiences.

Inter-house Competitions

Various Inter-house activities are conducted in the school which develop students’ social, team - working & organization amongst other skills. Soft-board decoration, quizzes, creative writing competition, cooking, sports & games are some of the areas wherein the students display their creativity & teamwork.


Olympiads are competitive examinations especially designed to bring out the best in every student. The students’ skills are enhanced with participations in these examinations from time to time. Olympiads circumventing English, Science & Creative Writing are regularly held in our school for the betterment of the students.

Work Education