Convent School in Udaipur

Step By Step takes pride in providing a fantastic world class infrastructure that is required to conduct the school in line with the recommendations of the C.B.S.E Board. The campus in Step By Step has a good play ground, largest Skating rink in Rajasthan, well ventilated class rooms, dedicated areas for art, craft, music, dance, library, canteen, theatre, computer lab, science and maths lab.
Step By Step has invested a lot in technology and all the class rooms are connected to internet through a central server. All the class rooms are equipped with projector and interactive boards. The Curriculum and Resource team gets ready various audio-visual resources required for conducting the classes and teachers use these resources effectively. Class rooms are well ventilated and have ample natural light and air. They provide comfortable seating for 25 students. It is a leading Best School in Udaipur. They have good display areas for displaying students project work etc. Each class room is equipped with an interactive board, projector and a white board . Each class room also has storage (cubby holes) for students to keep their books as they are only allowed to take books home as per schedule.

Step By Step School Library has a variety of books covering areas like story books, reference books, periodicals, magazines, etc. Each class will have its own mini library where the books relevant to the subjects being taught are borrowed from the library and put in the classroom for teachers’ and students’ ready reference. Books are available in various genres including Classics (abridged and original), Poetry, Fiction, Biographies, Reference books for each subject, Hobby based books for music, drama, etc, Fairy Tales, Periodicals & magazines, which are suitable for each age group of School.

Skating Rink & Play Area – We have both indoor play-equipment and outdoor play-equipment for all. The outdoor equipment consists of a multi-play multi-activity set-up designed to thrill and provide adventure to all. We have play area for Volley Ball, Hand Ball, Throw Ball, Foot Ball, Cricket and are proud to have the largest Skating rink in Rajasthan where inter school tournaments are also hosted. Computer Lab has modern PCs guided by a trained teacher to teach children the power of computers and software that can be harnessed for education. Children can apart from doing regular class-work use the PCs to do their project work.

Science Lab, A Jr science lab ensures that children understand and appreciate the power of exploration and experimentation. The visits to the science lab are part of the regular curriculum whereby teacher and students can conduct experiments to learn and validate the concepts.

Dance & Music section is well-furnished with keyboards, drums, harmonica, guitars and state of the art music system. Staff Rooms – are functional in nature with a workstation for each teacher so that she can put together her lessons and develop the content required for the classes ahead.