Step By Step


Kids School in Hiran Magri, Udaipur


Ages 2 years and above

Our youngest class is the Playgroup and at this stage learning requires an informal atmosphere. A variety of fun areas, such as basketball, see-saw, swings, jungle gym, and jumpiness are provided to the children.

Children at this age also begin to develop logical and reasoning intelligence for which they are equipped with puzzles, links, blocks and activities, allowing their curious minds to explore. Language skills are developed through story-telling, songs, rhymes and music.


Ages 3 years and above

This is an age where the child is curious and imaginative and constantly seeking to explore. The Nursery is divided into four areas : Language area, Pre-math area, Painting area, and Blocks area.

The children learn through a combination of active and passive exercises as well as outdoor activities. Linguistic intelligence is further developed by audio-visual aids and their spoken English is improved.

Junior Kindergarden

Ages 4 years and above The Kindergarden curriculum is built around the child's everyday world. Concepts like family, environment, plants and animals are used to teach basic calculations. Story-telling, dramatics, songs, and picture talk are combined with blending of words to improve their spoken English. Activity time and outdoor games are also part of the child's learning experience. Children are encouraged to take library books home to improve their vocabulary and develop an interest in reading.